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Cau Ailosod

Cadw Registered Files Collection

Manylion Archif

Rhif Catalog C845946

Rhif Derbyn NA/GEN/97/045e

Cwmpas a chynnwys Large collection of registered files produced variously by the Ministry of Work, the Department of the Environment and Cadw, but all inherited by Cadw as the executive body responsible for the protection of built heritage and archaeology. Files refer to the statutory protection of heritage in Wales from the earliest times, and were selected for preservation by RCAHMW in consultation with the Public Records Office.

Casgliad Cadw Registered Files Collection

Cyfrwng testun;ffotograff;graffig

Cyfeirnod CRF

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Manylion o ran Hierarchaeth yr Archif

C845946 Cadw Registered Files Collection - Lefel Casgliad
    There are 9302 groups currently catalogued in this collection
    There are 25 items currently catalogued in this collection