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Cau Ailosod

Flintshire County Council Collection

Manylion Archif

Rhif Catalog C646278

Rhif Derbyn NA/FL/2018/004e

Cwmpas a chynnwys Collection of measured drawings, photographs, slides and annotated map extracts donated by the Conservation Department of Flintshire County Council, in advance of relocation to new offices.

Casgliad Flintshire County Council Collection

Cyfrwng ffotograff;graffig;cartograffig

Cyfeirnod FCCC

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Manylion o ran Hierarchaeth yr Archif

C646278 Flintshire County Council Collection - Lefel Casgliad
    There are 165 groups currently catalogued in this collection
    There are 795 items currently catalogued in this collection