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Chofnodion Archifol am PENCOED FARMHOUSE

Rhif Catalog Cofnod Casgliad Disgrifiad Canolig
551635 C.N. Johns Collection Notes and mss text relating to Pencoed, Capel Llaniltern. testun
551777 C.N. Johns Collection Sketch plan drawings relating to Pencoed (noted as 'I' and 'II'); including one showing a re-used chancel arch. graffig
545032 RCAHMW Field Notes Sketch plan drawings, mss text, and correspondence, relating to 'Pencoed House'. testun;graffig
551637 C.N. Johns Collection Historic notes, mss texts, sketch plan drawings and maps, and correspondence relating to properties in South Wales. The file also includes a guide-book to 'Our Lady of Penrhys'. testun;graffig;cartograffig
547570 Glamorgan Inventories Archive Drawing U9: Unit-system house - Border Vale. graffig
547571 Glamorgan Inventories Archive Drawing U10: Unit-system house - Border Vale. graffig
433243 Additional Information Report of surveys for Pencoed, Llanilltern, by C. N. Johns, 1966 and 1968. testun
433244 Additional Information Genealogical table and part of letter concerning genealogy associated with Pencoed, Llanilltern, possible by by C. N. Johns, dated May 1968. testun