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Cau Ailosod

Chofnodion Archifol am GROESLON NEWYDD

Rhif Catalog Cofnod Casgliad Disgrifiad Canolig
555172 Caernarvonshire Parish Files Black and white photographs relating to numerous sites in Caernarvonshire. The file also includes a list of chapels and related correspondence. testun;ffotograff
432303 NMR Site Files Groeslon Newydd, Llanrug; two black and white photographs produced by RCAHMW 1955. ffotograff
543868 RCAHMW Field Notes Files containing notes, typescript mss text, sketch plans, and mounted black and white photographs, relating to the Introduction to Volume III of the Caernarfonshire Inventory. testun;ffotograff;graffig
543863 RCAHMW Field Notes File, entitled 'Cottage Drawings for Introduction', containing sketch plans and drawings, and associated notes, relating to same. The file also includes a letter regarding an enquiry for images of Plas Hwfa. graffig
457315 NMR Site Files General exterior view ffotograff
515210 NMR Site Files General exterior view ffotograff
11412 Drawings Collection graffig