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643561 Buildings of Wales Glamorgan and Gwent Publications Archive Michaelston-le-Pit and Michaelston-Super-Ely: hand-written notes with references from various sources on Cwrt-yr-Ala (brief note) and note and booklet (printed 1981) on St Michael's Church, Michaelston-Super -Ely. testun;ffotograff
402564 RCAHMW Wall Paintings Collection File concerning the wallpaintings at St. Michael's Church Michaelston-Super-Ely. Contains handwritten notes by A.J. Parkinson c.1972); and an undated 16-page pamphlet entitled "A History of the Parish Church of St. Michael Michaelston-Super-Ely". testun
551545 C.N. Johns Collection Notebook, entitled 'Glamorgan VIII. Ecclesiastical', containing sketch plan drawings and notes relating to various sites. testun;graffig
632139 Peter M. Reid Collection "A History and Description of The Parish Church of St. Michael, Michaelston-Super-Ely" illustrated booklet produced by W.B. Vile, revision of 1981. testun;graffig
577947 R.E. Kay Collection Page from a notebook featuring an illustration by R.E. Kay showing chancel arches at Llanfabon Church and Michaelston Super Ely Church. As featured on p227 of R.E. Kay Notebook Series I, Vol II. graffig