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Nant-yr-Eira Mine; Snow Brook Mine; Hore Mine

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Cyfeirnod MapSN88NW
Cyfeirnod GridSN8267087350
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Powys
Hen SirMontgomeryshire
1. Possibly Roman mining first with later workings. Ancient mining implements found. NMR, Undated.

2. Lead mine which, when 'rediscovered', 1858, showed evidence for pre-19th C. workings, without evidence for Roman or Bronze Age activity.
Mine active in the 1880s.
(source: Bick 1977, 28-30)
Dam (Nprn33659)
Level/workings (Nprn33999)
Crushing mill (Nprn34147).
RCAHMW AP955040/41-2
J.Wiles 16.01.04

3. A metal mining complex at an isolated location at 500m altitude, just inside a forestry plantation on the north-east side of Pumlumon Fawr, exploiting a lead and silver lode which also includes copper mineralisation in the form of chalcopyrite.
The mining remains, mostly of 19thC date, fall into two discrete areas, within a total area of some 500m (N-S) by 200m along the banks of the Nant yr Eira and its tributary to the north. The smaller northern area contains a reservoir with stone-built dam, two adits, a trial adit and a rock-cut level.
In the southern area, the most visible structures in the complex are a wheelpit (fed by water from the reservoir to the N) and crusher house. Also visible is a second wheelpit (powering jiggers to the SE), the ruins of a square building (possibly the mine office or a smithy), ore bins to the NW of the crusher house and a buddle to the SW. The main shaft and a large waste tip lie on the NE. The remains of two tramways and a leat are also visible.
On the N of the southern area is a deep opencut working in the rock some 90m long following the stream course. Excavations here unearthed stone mining tools, ore and charcoal which gave radiocarbon dates suggesting Bronze Age activity. The opencut was reworked in the 19thC.

Scheduled as a prehistoric copper mine and 19thC lead mine.

D.K. Leighton, RCAHMW, 22 September 2004.