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Limpert Bay Anti Invasion Defences

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The monument consists of anti-invasion defences, dating to the early period of World War II, that formed part of Western Command's coastal crust defences, resulting from the perceived threat of a German invasion from Ireland. The defences are aligned east-west and extend for 1.8km. They comprise six pillboxes and three surviving sections of the anti-tank cube alignment. The cubes are spaced at 1.1m intervals and arranged corner to corner.

Paraphrased from J. Berry, Cadw. Scheduling information for GM601. Recorded during RCAHMW aerial reconnaissance.

T. Driver, RCAHMW 2011

Some of the cubes were signed by the soldiers who worked on them in 1940-1 and thus represent a very personal history of the Second World War.

Photographed during aerial reconnaissance by RCAHMW on 17th Nov 2011.