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8 Pwll-y-Min Crescent, Wyndham Park, Glyn Cory Garden Village, Peterston-Super-Ely

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Following the proposal of a very large garden village development (Glyn Cory) on behalf of J & R Cory, the coal magnates, a prospectus and a brochure (both of 1909), describe proposals for a development of 1400 houses (5,000-6,000 inhabitants), some for sale, some for rent. A plan by Thomas Adams and Thomas Mawson projects a grand amphitheatre of concentric roads with radial avenues. The literature has designs for several conventional semi-detached houses by Speir & Beavan, architects, of Cardiff, a few of which were built in Cory Crescent, also Dyffryn Crescent. By 1914 no more than 22 houses had been built.

The house at 8 Pwll-y-min Crescent forms part of a terrace of ten two-storey houses in Wyndham Park in an unusual style combining elements of Moorish, Arts and Crafts, and proto-Modernist flat roofs. Number 8 is painted differently but retains windows, altered door. These houses form part of the proposed Glyn Cory Garden Village development (nprn 302107) and are shown on the Ordnance Survey 25in map of 1919. Regarding the architect, Unwin has suggested Thomas Adams, whereas G. Darley (cited by Unwin) has suggested the involvement in Glyn Cory of Baillie-Scott. UKMOHO name Thomas Mawson. The houses in Pwll-y-Min were listed for their architectural interest as part of a most unusual crescent of early C20 houses, of strikingly original design.

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