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Unnamed Wreck, East Aberthaw

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The wreck lies approximately 360m east of the channelled outfall of the River Thaw on Leys beach. The outine of the vessel measured 8.5m x 3.5m wide with the keel orientated northeast/south west. The remains comprise the floors, keel and keelson, external planking and internal ceiling planking. A single timber lies disassociated to the southeast, with a section of substantial anchor cable (too large to belong to this small wreck?) lying a few metres away further to the southeast.

Event and Historical Information
A small wooden wreck on the foreshore at East Aberthaw was recorded by volunteers participating in the Cadw-funded Arfordir Project in 2015. The wreck was also used for a training weekend working with the Nautical Archaeology Society.

Sources include:
GGAT 103: Arfordir Coastal Heritage Project 2014-15, report ref 2015/022, pgs 41 onwards
Field visit by Maritime Officer, 8 March 2015

Maritime Officer, RCAHMW, June 2016.