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South Cwmystwyth Lead Mine;Copa Hill Lead Mine

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Cyfeirnod MapSN87SW
Cyfeirnod GridSN8022274350
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Ceredigion
Hen SirCeredigion
CymunedYsbyty Ystwyth
The South Cwmystwyth lead mine was developed during the 1870s, under the management of the mining engineer John Kitto, but it proved a failure and was abandoned quite quickly. The short-life of the mine was however sufficient for investment to be made in developing the complex on the surface as well as underground, driven on by the hope that the results might compare with the successful Cwmystwyth mine which lay on the opposite bank of the Ystwyth river. Sadly the ore deposits quickly ran out. Rapid abandonment, and its location on the south bank of the Ystwyth, which cannot be easily reached, means that some surface features in the complex survive. Two wheelpits which stood here have been removed completely, but the sites of shafts, levels, spoil heaps, leats and trackways generally survive undisturbed. Both the mine office building (NPRN 522193) and magazine (NPRN 522190) still stand. The ore bins (NPRN 522499) partially survive and the faint outline of the buddle pits (NPRN 522501) can be seen close to the river. The site is a scheduled ancient monument.

R.P. Sambrook, Trysor, 22 March 2012