Nid oes gennych resi chwilio datblygedig. Ychwanegwch un trwy glicio ar y botwm '+ Ychwanegu Rhes'


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Cyfeirnod MapSN03NE
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Sir Benfro
Hen SirSir Benfro
Math O SafleFFERM

'Located just south of Carn Ingli Lodge, and within the enclosed field system shown on the tithe map, is a very ruined and overgrown farmstead (possibly Dol-rhanog?). It comprises a small cottage built north-south across the slope, with an added unit at the north end. There are several roughly built walled gardens and fields adjacent to the cottage, with traces of outbuildings, including what seems to be a pen (or pigsty?) built up in the lee of natural boulders. The site predates Carn Ingli Lodge and is shown on the tithe map. However, the fragmentary field walls have a much more irregular layout than the map suggests, implying that the 19th century boundary walls have been built over much the remains of much older enclosures.'

Notes by Paul Davis

RCAHMW, 2 October 2023