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Manylion y Safle

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Cyfeirnod Map SH85SW

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Awdurdod Lleol Conwy 

Hen Sir Dinbych

Cymuned Bro Garmon


Cyfnod Neolithig

Disgrifiad o´r Safle The chambered tomb lies about two miles south-east of Betws y Coed, close to the village of Capel Garmon. It has stood for over 5,500 years. The tomb was constructed during the Neolithic period by the early farming communities who settled and worked the surrounding land. The Capel Garmon tomb is exceptional because of its similarity to burial monuments found in and around the River Severn. Such tombs are characterized by a trapezoidal mound or cairn there is sometimes one, but often several burial chambers, which are divided into separate sections. Massive capstones supported by large uprights, and are carefully built dry-stone walling which is one of the most distinctive features of this type of burial monument. The location of the chambered tomb at Capel Garmon seems to suggest that the rituals and beliefs followed by people living over 100 miles to the south-east were also practised in the mountains of Snowdonia.

Source: Yates, M.J. 1996. Capel Garmon Chambered Tomb: CADW

M. Lloyd Davies, RCAHMW, 04 November 2008

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