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Cau Ailosod


Manylion y Safle

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NPRN 94739

Cyfeirnod Map SJ15NW

Cyfeirnod Grid SJ12325802

Awdurdod Lleol Sir Ddinbych 

Hen Sir Dinbych

Cymuned Ruthin

Math o Safle CASTELL

Dosbarth Cyffredinol AMDDIFFYN

Cyfnod Canoloesol

Disgrifiad o´r Safle A substantial masonry castle constructed from 1277, presently overlain by a hotel which was originally a private mansion (nprn 27874) and incorporated into 19th century garden landscaping (nprn 266366).

The castle consisted of a strong, roughly pentagonal, moated court, c.94m NE-SW by 60m, defined by curtain walls and rounded mural towers, with a twin-towered gate facing south-east away from the unwalled medieval and later town, with a second, subsidiary, similarily defined court, c.52mNE-SW by 60m, adjoining on the south-west.

Following a siege in 1646, the castle was largely demolished. Remains of five of the towers and curtain walls, as well as the castle ditch, survive.

RCAHMW, 18 May 2005.

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