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LevelDescriptionArchiveDateArchive Number
LevelBatchDescriptionPhotographic survey of Penmorfa chapel, Penmorfa. Consisting of 2 b/w prints. Negatives heldArchiveRosser CollectionDateArchive Number6025781
LevelItemDescriptionExterior, front elevation. NA/GEN/98/033e.ArchiveRosser CollectionDateArchive Number6251048
LevelItemDescriptionExterior, general view. NA/GEN/98/033e.ArchiveRosser CollectionDateArchive Number6251049
LevelItemDescriptionColour photograph showing front elevation and entrance of Penmorfa Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, near Cardigan. Photographed by Richard Barrett on 24th June 2018.ArchiveRB - Richard Barrett CollectionDateArchive Number6510667
LevelItemDescriptionExternal, vestry from SE. NA/CD/97/038ArchiveRCAHMW Chapels Photographic CollectionDateArchive Number6302681
LevelItemDescriptionExterior, front & left side elevation. NA/GEN/98/033eArchiveRosser CollectionDateArchive Number6294070
LevelItemDescriptionExternal, chapel - main (N) facade. NA/CD/97/038ArchiveRCAHMW Chapels Photographic CollectionDateArchive Number6302682
LevelItemDescriptionBlack and white postcard showing an exterior view of Penmorfa Chapel.ArchivePGC - Philip Griffiths Collection of Historic Welsh Chapel PostcardsDateArchive Number6424479
LevelItemDescriptionDigital copy of monochrome postcard showing exterior view of Penmorfa Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Penmorfa, Penbryn. Loaned for copying by Thomas Lloyd.ArchiveTL - Thomas Lloyd CollectionDateArchive Number6529561
LevelItemDescriptionExternal, from S. NA/CD/97/038ArchiveRCAHMW Chapels Photographic CollectionDateArchive Number6282269