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Goodwick Wreck 2

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Map ReferenceSM93NW
Grid ReferenceSM9478038317
Unitary (Local) AuthorityPembrokeshire
Old CountyPembrokeshire
CommunityFishguard and Goodwick
Type Of SiteWRECK
PeriodPost Medieval

The potential presence of the wreck was initially identified during inspection of aerial photos, originally taken in 2010, relating to NPRN 407699. Direct site inspection was undertaken by J.Whitewright in November 2021 as part of the CHERISH Project and confirmed that a section of wooden ship is buried in the foreshore to the south-west of NPRN407699.

The vessel structure extends to a maximum length of 9.8m of visible remains, with a width of 2.8m and comprises 17 pairs of frame tops protruding 10-20mm above the sand-level, describing a gentle curve along the western side of the hull. Further timber tops are sporadically visible on the eastern side, but with no discernible pattern. There is no appreciable overall shape, or obvious fore-and-aft alignment, which might indicate that the remains are a broken section of the original hull. The angle of the visible frames along the eastern edge suggests that they are relatively low down in the hull – potentially floor timbers, or that the hull is heeled over, rather than sitting level within the sediment.

The pairs of frames are between 250-300mm combined width, with a space between pairs of 150-200mm. The individual frames are c.120mm sided and c.150mm moulded. A run of external planking is in-situ on the outboard, western side, with a minimum thickness of 35mm. Ceiling planking is visible at the southern end of the hull: 215mm wide, 30-35mm thick and attached to the frame below with a 30mm diameter unwedged treenail.

J.Whitewright, RCAHMW, November 2021

CHERISH PROJECT 2017. Produced with EU funds through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020.