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St Bride's Church, Wentlooge

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Archive6267657Title9500089_04 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Graffiti on arch blocking - step left. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6033109TitleAdditional InformationLevelItemDescriptionExtract from 'Monmouthshire' - The County Books Series, by Olive Philips, concerning St Brides Church, St Brides Wentloog. 3pp.MediumText, Photo.
Archive6266982Title9500098_03 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, Top of tower from S. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6272727Title980612_23 - Freer Chapels and Churches CollectionLevelItemDescriptionExterior, side elevationMediumPhoto.
Archive6168082TitleFreer Chapels and Churches CollectionLevelBatchDescriptionPhotographic survey of St Bridget's Church, Wentlooge; St Bride's Church, Wentlooge, consisting of 25 black and white prints, produced by J. Freer for RCAHMW as part of their chapels recording project, 1997.MediumPhoto.
Archive6512517TitleBWGG_2_097 - Buildings of Wales Glamorgan and Gwent Publications ArchiveLevelSub-groupDescriptionSt Brides Netherwent and St Brides Wentlooge: Brief hand-written notes and references from various sources on St Bridget's Church, St Brides Netherwent, cross and deserted village. Notes on St Bridget/St Brides Church, St Brides Wentlooge, Coed Ithel and lighthouse.MediumOne envelope. Text.
Archive6296971Title980612_31 - Freer Chapels and Churches CollectionLevelItemDescriptionInterior, front elevationMediumPhoto.
Archive6267309Title9500085_04 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, W2 (chancel S side). NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6292395Title9500078_01 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, Church from SE. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6266989Title9500073_02 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Porch, door into nave, from SE. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6241628TitleAA95_0818 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, St Bridgets, Wentloog. MM/NA/GEN/92/106e.MediumPhoto.
Archive6267307Title9500084_01 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, from NE. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6033091TitleNMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionBlack and white print of interior St Bridgets Church, Wentloog, taken from the National Building Records negatives. Negatives held.MediumPhoto.
Archive6033114TitleDrawings CollectionLevelItemDescriptionRCAHMW drawing by Howard Thomas showing plan of St Brides Church, St Brides Wentloog.MediumGraphic.
Archive6295538Title9500090_09 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Tower level 5, from door looking SW. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6297375Title9500087_01 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Kings head as stop to arch moulding, E side of porch doorway. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6431558TitleSS2015_01_07 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior view showing stained glass.MediumPhoto.
Archive6286465TitleAA95_0820 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Nave, St Bridgets, Wentloog. MM/NA/GEN/92/106e.MediumPhoto.
Archive6267960Title9500089_09 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, detail of unfinished springer for rib vaulting. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6267312Title9500085_08 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, W0 (east window). NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6265963Title9500094_05 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, Window 2. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6266286Title9500094_08 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, Window 4 moulding stop. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6297085Title9500081_04 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, W5 (West Nave, South side). NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6266638Title9500095_11 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, Window 6 blocked, showing oak lintel. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6431662TitleSS2015_01_11 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior view showing stonework.MediumPhoto.
Archive6272735Title980133_27 - Freer Chapels and Churches CollectionLevelItemDescriptionInterior, three quarter front elevationMediumPhoto.
Archive6295827Title9500093_03 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Corbel in nave S of chancel arch. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6246534Title9500082_03 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, East Nave, NE corner, showing traces of high pulpit & niche in chancel arch wall. NA/MM/95MediumPhoto.
Archive6431555TitleSS2015_01_04 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior view showing painting.MediumPhoto.
Archive6266993Title9500082_04 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, W0, East end of chancel. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6294457TitleAA95_0818 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior ST Bridgets Wentloog. NA/GEN/92/106e.MediumPhoto.
Archive6266300Title9500077_02 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, Tower from West. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6431673TitleSS2015_02_09 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior view showing stone figure.MediumPhoto.
Archive6266630Title9500079_02 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, East half of nave from W. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6266640Title9500096_01 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior, Window 7, moulding stop W side. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6267318Title9500086_06 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, small bracket on S wall of nave below W3. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6267654Title9500088_12 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Graffiti on arch blocking - bottom right.. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6266629Title9500079_01 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, chancel arch from E. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6265958Title9500093_06 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, detail of top of arcading jamb J3 in chapel S wall. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.
Archive6267319Title9500086_08 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionInterior, Door in S end of Chapel. NA/MM/95/085MediumPhoto.