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LevelDescriptionArchiveDateArchive Number
LevelBatchDescriptionColour digital photographic survey of Law Courts, Cathays Park, Cardiff, consisting of 3 images, by Stephen Hughes, 29/06/2006.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6179660
LevelBatchDescriptionDigital photographic survey of St Mary's Church, Rhuddlan.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6344188
LevelBatchDescriptionDigital photograph of Wye valleyArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6386349
LevelBatchDescriptionPhotographic survey of Porth-y-Dwr, 65 Clwyd Street, Ruthin, conducted by Geoff Ward on November 2013.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6509435
LevelBatchDescriptionPen Dinas Fort. Oblique aerial photograph taken during the Royal Commission's programme of archaeological aerial reconnaissance by Toby Driver on 6th January 2015.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6503625
LevelBatchDescriptionColour digital photographic survey of Bont Methodist Chapel (hebron;pontrhydbont), B 4545, Pontrhydbont/four Mile Bridge, comprising 6 images, by Stephen Hughes, 15/04/2003.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6155566
LevelBatchDescriptionRCAHMW digital photographic survey of Twyn Spratt Limekiln, taken by Iain Wright, 27/07/2010.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6229169
LevelBatchDescriptionDigital photographic survey of Severn Road Independent Welsh chapel (Severn Road Mosque); Madrasa Talim-Ul -Quran Mosque, Canton, Cardiff.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6341637
LevelBatchDescriptionDigital photography of Memorial HallArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6399065
LevelBatchDescriptionRCAHMW digital photographic survey of Church of Seventh Day Adventists, Albert Villa, Albert Street, Rhyl, taken by Scott Lloyd, 20/10/2009.ArchiveInvestigators' Digital PhotographyDateArchive Number6222938