Site Name

The name of a site, building or feature.

Site Details

The information within Coflein relating to the site. This information includes the location of the site, its NPRN (unique site reference number), the type of site, period and site description.

Digital Images

Online images associated with the record and are available to view and download.

Archive Records

Archive items, or collections of records, within the National Monuments Record archive which are directly linked to the site.

Associated Sites

Other sites within the National Monuments Record which have a direct link to the site.


National Primary Record Number (NPRN) is a unique reference number for each site record within our database.

Map Reference

The Ordnance Survey quarter sheet (1:10,000) on which a site is located.

Grid Reference (National Grid Reference NGR)

A map reference comprising eastings and northings that indicate a site’s location. A 10-figure map reference is possible within the National Grid and defines a location to a precision of 1m (eg. SH5809531245).

Unitary (Local) Authority

The current administration area in which the site is situated following the 1996 Local Government reorganisation.

Old County

The former county in which a site is located. The county list is based upon the boundaries in use prior to Local Government reorganisation in 1974.


The local community or town council in which a site is located as established within the Local Government Act 1972.

Type of Site

The typology of the site, building or feature. For a full list of types please see our Monument Type Thesaurus (link).

Broad Class

A broad classification, usually reflecting the function of the site, based on its type (see Type of Site).


Indicates the archaeological time period in which a site was created or occupied, for maritime and aviation wrecks period indicated when the vessel was wrecked.


A general description of the site which details a brief historical summary of the site as well as providing references and sources for further reading.

Catalogue Number

A unique reference number for each collection item within our database.

Collection Record

The name of the collection from which the individual catalogue number is a part of.

Description (Archive Records)

Provides a brief description of archive record.


Provides detail of the form of the archive material such as text, cartographic, photograph etc.