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LevelDescriptionArchiveDateArchive Number
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to Johns' contribution to the Caernarvonshire Inventories.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348928
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to Johns' contribution to the Glamorgan Inventories, Domestic Architecture volumes.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348817
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to Johns' article 'The Celtic Monasteries of North Wales', published in Transactions of the Caernarvonshire Historical Society, Vol. 21, 1960, pp.14-43 .ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348797
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to St. Donat's Castle: much of it produced for the publication of a guide-book.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348529
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to Johns' guide-book to Caerphilly Castle publication.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348635
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to Bishop's Castle, Llandaff; and to Llandaff Cathedral and Court/ Manor.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348549
LevelGroupDescriptionPrinted and sketch plans, drawings, and maps: often large, and stored by Johns as a discrete group of documents. The file also contains some text based items: copies of mss, surveys annotated onto graph paper, etc.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6349011
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to individual, general, or multiple sites.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348682
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to Johns' contribution to the Glamorgan Inventories, Early Castles and Later Castles volumes. The group also includes material on other castles in Wales - presumably for comparative/ background purposes.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348676
LevelGroupDescriptionMaterial relating to Caernarvon Castle.ArchiveCNJ - C.N. Johns CollectionDateArchive Number6348603