Welcome to Coflein beta

We have been working hard to redevelop the old Coflein system to bring you new ways to access our collection through this new website. New Coflein features improved methods of searching and filtering, including large image lightboxes showing our site records in a modern user interface, and the ability to download more than 135,000 images for free. We hope you like it.


What does beta mean?

It means you will be using a site that, although nearly complete, is not yet 100% functional and doesn’t have every bug completely worked out.

It means you may find certain things don’t work or some of the information is not as complete as expected.

It means we will keep improving, adding more images, more information and better functionality over time.

And we would like your help. This site is built for you, so you can enjoy our site records and archives data and share it with others. So please feel free to send us constructive criticism.


How can you help?

Tell us! If you find something you think is incorrect, broken, or unhelpful please let us know. Give us the chance to put it right.

Tell everyone. If you find something you like share it! Tweet about it, post it on your blog, and tell your friends and colleagues.


Please send any questions, comments or ideas for improvements via the feedback form at the top of the site. If you want to hear back from us, please include your email address.


Thanks for using Coflein.