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Archive Records for PANT SWLLT

Catalogue Number Collection Record Description Medium
615726 A.J. Parkinson Collection Field notes/drawings relating to Pant Swllt, produced or collated by Tony Parkinson. text;graphic
42946 NMR Site Files Photo survey consisting of 5 black and white photos, of Pant-Swllt, Talgarreg. graphic
412740 Additional Information Pant-Swllt, Talgarreg; "inventory of the goods cattles and chattels of John Griffiths of Pantswllt.....July 1765". text
498053 NMR Site Files Exterior view graphic
42944 NMR Site Files Handwritten additional notes on Pant-Swllt, Talgarreg. text
42945 NMR Site Files Series of diagrams of Pant-Swllt, Talgerreg. graphic
561977 Cardiganshire County History Collection Volume 3, Figure 81: 'Central-stairway houses, 18th-19th century'. graphic
498052 NMR Site Files Exterior view graphic
42943 NMR Site Files Handwritten description report, with pencil sketch plan, of Pant-Swllt, Talgareg. text;graphic
498054 NMR Site Files Interior view graphic
516347 NMR Site Files Exterior view graphic
498055 NMR Site Files INterior view graphic