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ESP1396 - Estate Sales Particulars

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Frank Lloyd
Annotated estate sales particulars for the Ruthin Castle Estate, date of sale 28th October and 5th November 1919, auctioneer; Knight Frank & Rutley. Particulars include the following buildings; Red Lodge or Lodge Goch, house and outbuildings; Ruthin Castle, house, outbuildings, lodge and Park Cottage (NPRN.27874); Galchog, house and outbuildings; Plas Bennett Farm, house and outbuildings; Coed y Gawen, house and outbuildings; Coedmarchion, keeper's cottage and outbuildings (NPRN.27033); Coed y Gawen Bach, house and outbuildings; Castle Park Farm, farmhouse and outbuildings; water powered sawmill near Castle Park Farm; Tynywern, house and outbuildings (NPRN.35498); Cilygroeslwyd, house and outbuildings (NPRN. 27005); Bron Eyarth, house and outbuildings; Prospect House and Prospect Cottage, houses and outbuildings; Distyll House, house and outbuildings (NPRN. 27112); Plas Efenechtyd, house and outbuildings (NPRN. 27712); Blackmoor Cottage, house and outbuildings; Bryn Llan or Bryn Llyn, house and outbuildings (NPRN. 26870); Clwyd Bank Dairy, 36 Clwyd Street, house and outbuildings (NPRN. 27021); Sewage Farm, irrigation system; Penystryt Farm, house and outbuildings;Telpyn Farm, house and outbuildings; Fferm, house and outbuildings; Tyn y Caeau Farm, house and outbuildings; Penygraig Farm, house and outbuildings; Tan y Graig Cottages; Craig y Ddwyart Quarry; Tan y Graig Farm, house and outbuildings; Penrhiw Cottages; Florence House, house and outbuildings, Ruthin; thatched cottage in Dog Lane; Min y Clwyd Cottages; London House, shop, house and outbuildings (NPRN. 27883); house and jeweller's shop,St Peter's Square; 4 Upper Clwyd Street (NPRN. 35505); 16 Castle Street (NPRN 26945); 3b Lower Clwyd Street; 3c Lower Clwyd Street; 3d Lower Clwyd Street; 23 Clwyd Street; 25 Clwyd Street; 27 Clwyd Street; Ranelagh, 31 Clwyd Street; 53 Clwyd Street (NPRN. 27027); Bridge House, house and outbuildings; Clwyd Bank, 34 Clwyd Street (NPRN. 27009)24 & 26 Lower Clwyd Street; 22 Lower Clwyd Street; 50, 52, 54, 56, & 58 Borthyn Street; 79, 81, 83 & 85 Mwrog Street; Capital Schoolroom, Mwrog Street; Gwynfryn, Stryt y Cerrig; thatched cottage in Stryt y Cerrig; two pounds in Prior Street; and 22 Castle Street (NPRN. 26947).
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ESP - Estate Sales Particulars
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