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Wesleyan Church, High Street, Llanhiledd

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Archive6313168TitleDS2008_268_002 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelFondsDescription'Wesleyan Church' SE plaque & satellite dish, probably secondary use.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6313166TitleDS2008_268_004 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelFondsDescription'Revd E Lightwood Smith Cardiff November 29th 1905' foundation-stone.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6206744TitleDS2008_268 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelBatchDescriptionRCAHMW digital photographic survey of Wesleyan Church, High Street, Llanhiledd, taken by Stephen Hughes, 10/05/2008.MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6313167TitleDS2008_268_003 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelFondsDescriptionNovember 1905 foundation stones, Mrs E. Brett Davies & Smith.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6159369Title980045_15 - Freer Chapels and Churches CollectionLevelFondsDescriptionPhotographic survey of Wesleyan Church, High Street, Llanhiledd, consisting of 1 black and white prints, produced by J. Freer for RCAHMW as part of their chapels recording project, 1997.MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6313169TitleDS2008_268_001 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelFondsDescriptionSouth-east gable entrance & south-west High Street side & shops under.MediumPhoto.Imagesy