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Bae y Rhigol, Rectangular Platform and Enclosure Southwest of, Bardsey Island

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Map ReferenceSH12SW
Grid ReferenceSH1168922538
Unitary (Local) AuthorityGwynedd
Old CountyCaernarfonshire
1) The earthwork remains of a rectangular platform and associated sub-rectangular enclosure are visible on 0.25m lidar southwest of Bae y Rhigol, Bardsey Island. The platform comprises an exterior rectangular bank and a shallow internal ditch enclosing an area of approximately 11m x 8.5m. The associated enclosure is situated immediately to the south where it projects from the southwest and southeast corners of the platform. It also comprises an exterior bank and partial internal ditch and encloses an area of approximately 17.5m x 15.5m and appears to be missing its southwestern corner. In place of the corner appears to be a crescent shaped feature which opens directly into the enclosure.

Previously, the shape and nature of the features has led to interpretations suggesting that this feature could have been one of a group of several possible medieval longhouses at this location on the island. However, excavations carried out by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust in 1982 prompted a change in interpretation. The excavation confirmed that the feature was entirely constructed of turf, unlikely to have previously supported a roof. The lack of finds also meant that dating was not possible on this occasion. It is possible that this feature would have always been open-topped, possibly having been some form of structure used for drying seaweed for example (Kenny & Hopewell, 2015).

A field visit was undertaken by L. Barker, T. Driver and D. Hunt 19-21/05/18 as part of the CHERISH Project. Ground investigation found the earthwork of both the platform and enclosure to be visible as a shallow earthwork.

The feature has been digitally mapped and updated from 0.25m Lidar as part of the CHERISH Project.

Record created as part of the CHERISH Project.
D.Hunt 02/08/2018


Kenney, J. & Hopewell, D. , 2015 , Ynys Enlli Survey and Evaluation 2014-2015 (Available online:

? Crown: CHERISH PROJECT 2017. Produced with EU funds through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020.