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St Detyor's Church

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Map ReferenceSO12SW
Grid ReferenceSO1281020230
Unitary (Local) AuthorityPowys
Old CountyBrecknockshire
Type Of SiteCHURCH
Royal Arms (Hanover). On N wall of nave, Hanoverian [1714-1801] Royal Arms on plaster; fragmentary surface colour but complete composition. Layout lines with compass and straight-edge; underpainting to strengthen colours. Bold green, strong red, otherwise tints of ochre. Variations from standard pattern; no border for Scotland, reversed lion; wrong colour harp-strings; wrong background for Lunenburgh, no hearts. Green for blue throughout [is this chemical change?]. [AJP DJR'75].
Source: RCAHMW Wallpaintings database. 2004.09.08/RCAHMW/SLE