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Ty-Mawr, Nantmor

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Map ReferenceSH64NW
Grid ReferenceSH6104646201
Unitary (Local) AuthorityGwynedd
Old CountyCaernarfonshire
Type Of SiteHOUSE
PeriodPost Medieval
15th Century hall with 16th Century fireplace. Other alterations. Slate rubble dry masonry. Post and panel partition. Arched trusses. Old slate roof. Now used as a barn.

Tree-ring dating commissioned by Cymdeithas Hanes Beddgelert in association with RCAHMW. Results reported in Vernacular Architecture 37 (2006), List 181 (notes by Margaret Dunn, Daniel Miles, Richard Suggett):

1. BEDDGELERT, Ty-mawr, Nantmor (SH 6103 4620) Felling date: Summer 1529
Principal rafters 1528(21?C), 1510(7, H/S+15?C NM), 1504(2, 1), 1498(1); Screen head 1506(H/S); Collar (0/1). Site Master 1425-1528 BDGLRT3 (t= 6.3 BEDD_T6; 6.2 PENGWERN; 5.7 shu6)
The five-bay stone-walled hall-house of gentry type has a two-bayed hall with passage bay set between upper and lower storeyed bays. The cross-passage doorways have voussoir heads. The house combines stone walls with good timber detail, including a post-and-panel two-door dais partition. The trusses are of collar-beam type with an arch-braced central truss and two tiers of cusped windbraces. Some evidence suggests that the entrance to the hall was defined by spere-posts. The inserted fireplace has a graffiti date of 1619. Plan and account in RCAHMW, Caernarvonshire Inventory II, pp. 18-19, with further information in the NMRW.

R.F. Suggett/RCAHMW/September 2006

Additional tree-ring dating reported in Vernacular Architecture 38 (2007):

4. BEDDGELERT, Nantmor, T'-mawr, (SH 6103 4620) Inserted ceiling beam
Felling date range: (OxCal modelled) 1537-63 (unrefined 1533-63)
Mantel-beam 1528(6). Site Master 1415-1528 bdgc9 (t = 7.2 BDGLRT23; 6.2 PENGWERN; 5.7 HAFOTY1)
A hall-house of gentry type tree-ring dated 1529 (VA 37.130) having a hall of two bays with a central open truss, mortices suggesting a spere-truss at the entry, and cusped windbraces throughout. The opportunity was taken to sample the fireplace constructed against the arch-braced truss in the hall. The results showed that the fireplace was inserted relatively early. The fireplace beam has a sgraffito date of 1619 (or perhaps 1579) cut into the chamfer. Plan and account in RCAHMW, Caernarvonshire Inventory II (1960), 18-19, fig. 22. R.F. Suggett/RCAHMW/July 2007

application/pdfDHHS - Discovering the Historic Houses of Snowdonia Collection(a)Reconstructed longitudinal section (b)Reconstructed ground-floor plan (c)Reconstructed elevation (d)Section B-B: central hall truss (e)Section A-A: dais partition truss at T? Mawr, Nantmor.Drawn by Charles Green for DHHS, by RCAHMW, 2014. p.122,fig.4.1.