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Cwrt-y-vil, Grange;cannon Court

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Archive6514223TitleCJS02_06_22 - C.J. Spurgeon CollectionLevelBatchDescriptionCwrt-y-Vil Castle - RS23 - Hand-written notes on historical references, short description and rough sketch of ruins dated March 1970, correspondence and notes on Ordnance Survey card details.MediumOne envelope. Graphic, Text.Imagesn
Archive6345077TitleGLI04_05_157 - Glamorgan Inventory: Medieval Secular Monuments, Non-defensiveLevelItemDescriptionFigure 157: Cwrt-y-vil Grange (MG 52).Medium1 file. Graphic.Imagesn
Archive6005071TitleAdditional InformationLevelItemDescriptionNote concerning Cwrt-y-Vil House (also known as Raithwaite), Penarth., by D.J. Ellis, 1999.MediumText.Imagesn
Archive6345538TitleGLI04_01_93 - Glamorgan Inventory: Medieval Secular Monuments, Non-defensiveLevelBatchDescriptionFile for sites in map reference ST17SE.Medium1 file. Text, Graphic.Imagesn