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Map ReferenceSR07NE
Grid ReferenceSR0976479363
Unitary (Local) AuthorityMaritime
Old CountyMaritime
Type Of SiteWRECK
Period20th Century

Archaeological remains associated with the loss of this vessel are not confirmed as present at this location, but may possibly be in the vicinity.

Event and Historical Information:
The ELEAZAR (or ELEAZER) was a steel-hulled fishing trawler built by Russell Hall & Co, Aberdeen, in 1895 (yard number 294). Technical and configuration specifications are given as 111gt, 44nt; 90ft long x 19ft 6in breadth x 10ft depth; steel hull; screw propulsion powered by a single steam boiler linked to a compound engine producing 45 horsepower; official number 104515. The ELEAZAR was original owned at Aberdeen by W Wood (fishing number A771). It was sold to West Hartlepool in 1902 to J J Lister (fishing number HL51). In 1917, it was taken into the Fishery Reserve. On 12 August 1917, the trawler was captured by German submarine 25miles west southwest of St Ann's head. The crew were forced to abandon ship after which the trawler was sunk by gunfire. The submarine was the UC 51, commissioned on the 6 January 1917. The submarine undertook 7 patrols, sinking 28 ships, before being sunk by a mine in the English Channel on 17 November 1917 (all hands lost). At the time of the attack on the ELEAZAR, the commander was Oberleutnant Hans Galster.


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Maritime Officer, RCAHMW, June 2019.

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