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Hengwrt House, Llanelltyd

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Archive6072056TitleNMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionPhoto survey showing front view, stairway and room with fireplace at Hengwrt, Llanelltyd, Merioneth. Comprises 3 black and white prints. Negatives held in Manchester Central LibraryMediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6287547TitleME0390 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionGeneral viewMediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6222532TitlePAGP_0968 - Peter Davis Digitised Postcards CollectionLevelItemDescriptionDigitised postcard image of Hengwrt, Llanelltyd, Arnfield's Series, Dolgelley. Produced by Parks and Gardens Data Services, from an original item in the Peter Davis Collection at Parks and Gardens UK. We hold only web-resolution images of this collection, suitable for viewing on screen and for research purposes only. We do not hold the original images, or publication quality scans.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6072035TitleNMR Site FilesLevelBatchDescriptionPhoto survey showing Hengwrt, Llanelltyd, Merioneth, comprising 3 black and white photo prints. UndatedMediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6236593TitleME0391 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionPanelling in bedroomMediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6481662TitleSS2016_148_2 - Negative CollectionLevelItemDescriptionBlack and white acetate negative showing view of Hengwrt, Llanelltyd.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6450995TitleAJPC_01_09_25 - A.J. Parkinson CollectionLevelBatchDescriptionField notes/drawings relating to Hengwrt and Castell Cymmer, produced or collated by Tony Parkinson.MediumOne file. Text, Graphic.Imagesn
Archive6072034Title710822 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionBlack and white print showing Hengwrt, Llanelltyd, Merioneth. Copied from original loaned by Thomas Lloyd. Published in Lost Houses of Wales, p20MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6236594TitleME0392 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionStairwayMediumPhoto.Imagesn