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Camp Hill Earthwork;Pier Camp Hillfort

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Map ReferenceSH57SE
Grid ReferenceSH5808072865
Unitary (Local) AuthorityGwynedd
Old CountyCaernarfonshire
PeriodIron Age

The probable remains of a strong earthwork enclosure crowns the ridge on the north-west side of the Bangor valley.
An 80m stretch of 3.0m high scarp, partly made up of outcropping rock, runs across the crest of the ridge. At the eastern end it turns at right angles to run north-east for up to 40m. An in-turn in this side may represent an entrance. The remainder of the circuit is uncertain, although it may have been up to 110m deep. On the west it appears to have rested upon the crest of steep seaward slopes.
A fourth century (Constantinian) coin has been found on the site.

Enclosures such as this appears to be are characteristic of Iron Age settlement, although they continued to be constructed and maintained throughout the Roman period and beyond.

Source: RCAHMW Caernarvonshire Inventory II (1960), 16 No. 699

John Wiles 12.06.07