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Dinas Oleu

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Map ReferenceSH61NW
Grid ReferenceSH6171015780
Unitary (Local) AuthorityGwynedd
Old CountyMerioneth
The fragmentary remains of an Iron Age enclosure crowning the highest point on the small National Trust property known as Dinas Oleu (not to be confused with the Trust property of the same name). The greatly ruined wall survives mainly in the dips between rock out crops though some masonry can be seen on higher ground to the north-west. The enclosures measures approximately 60.0m by 48.0m and the walls range in width from 0.5 to 4.0 metres. Much of the stone has tumbled down the steep slopes which surround the site. The O.S. suggest that the original entrance was in the north-west of the site. According to the the Royal Commission's Inventory for Merioneth (1921) this is not an archaeological site but the evidence on the ground suggests that the O.S. interpretation of the site as Iron Age is more likely.
John Latham RCAHMW 18 August 2015 (from NT report E Plunkett Dillon, 1989).