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Blaen Glasffrwd, Cairn Iii

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Map ReferenceSN76SE
Grid ReferenceSN7706663084
Unitary (Local) AuthorityCeredigion
Old CountyCardiganshire
CommunityYstrad Fflur
Type Of SiteCAIRN
PeriodBronze Age
1. NAR SN76SE5

A round cairn, about 12m in diameter & 0.8m high, showing kerb elements on the west, with possible traces of a further concentric circle; a central cist, 2.0m north-west to south-east by 1.0m, has been opened & its capstone displaced.

Source: Briggs 1994 (Cardigan County Hist. I), 181 No.30. Figure 20.1

J.Wiles 21.07.04

2. This is one of the best suriving cairn and cist in the Blaen-Glassffrwd area. It was partially surveyed by the RCAHMW in 2005 as part of a wider landscape survey of the area. The shape and size and the position of a number of kerb stones suggest that the cairn may have been enalrged at an unknown date.

Site visit by LB and DKL March 2005

Louise Barker, RCAHMW, 28th April 2005
application/rtfDSC - RCAHMW Digital Survey Collection