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Crugyn Dimai

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Map ReferenceSN57NE
Grid ReferenceSN5924078720
Unitary (Local) AuthorityCeredigion
Old CountyCardiganshire
A substantial hillock, thought to be mostly natural, however the presence of a rabbit colony upon the flat summit in 1973, suggests that this part has been made-up.
(source Os495card; SN57NE1)
J.Wiles 14.02.02

A steep, predominantly natural, hillock some 8.0m in height whose west side is largely made up of a steep, exposed rock outcrop. There is some evidence that artificial paths or scoops have been cut into the hillock at some point in the past. However, there is no sign that the hill has been artificially defended although its exceptional position in a valley `through route' and its prominent form must have invited settlement or human use during prehistoric and later times.

The slopes to the N, S and E are earth covered and less steep, but still present good natural defences below the summit. The N slope is not a uniform gradient and is broken by a ?natural shoulder of rock or earth which continues around to the west. The summit, c10m wide, is oval in plan and mostly level, rising to a low rocky point at the W tip. To the N is an oval scoop taken from the edge of the level area c.4m wide which, if not natural, may result from quarrying. On the W side, the ground falls away steeply in a series of rocky ledges; one of these just below the summit has the appearance of an artificial path and is the place chosen for the erection of a TV aerial. No artefacts were found in rabbit burrows and sheep scrapes on and around the rock. The whole is wooded and thickly grown with brambles, wild garlic and bluebells. Visited by T Driver, 17th March 2000.

T Driver, 5th May 2004.