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Llancayo Camp

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Map ReferenceSO30SE
Grid ReferenceSO3783003820
Unitary (Local) AuthorityMonmouthshire
Old CountyMonmouthshire
CommunityGwehelog Fawr
PeriodIron Age
'A large univallate hillfort situated on the northern end of a ridge, with ground sloping steeply away to the north and west. Oval in shape, the camp's main bank and ditch defences are wooded, as are the slope to the north and west. Those slopes to the southeast and south are more gentle, with the complex and impressive entrance in the southeast corner, with a gap 2.5m wide and with massive banks and ditches: banks internal 2.5m high and externally 8m high, and ditches 6m wide, with a 6m wide causeway.
The main defences become a steep scarp around the west and northwest of the monument, running 4-6m high with a 4m berm outside of this, followed by a natural steep slope. A series of outworks possibly related to the enclosure lie to the south of the main entrance'. (Description derived from Wiggins 2006, GGAT survey of Prehistoric Defended Enclosures in Gwent).

T. Driver, RCAHMW