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Rhuddlan, Town Ditch

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Map ReferenceSJ07NW
Grid ReferenceSJ0315077370
Unitary (Local) AuthorityDenbighshire
Old CountyFlintshire

Earthworks of a medieval defensive circuit thought to outline the prospective site of a Cathedral city south of the castle of 1277 (NPRN 92914) that was superceded by the more modest borough ramparts to the north (NPRN 300415). The Town Ditch takes in an area of some 30ha compared to the roughly 6.5ha walled borough.
The circuit consisted of two broad ramparts either side of a ditch, up to 20m wide and 2.5m deep. The surving earthworks run for 570m north-south and then south-west for 300m before meeting the Clwyd.
The Town Ditch can be compared to other earthwork circuits of a similar date at Flint borough (NPRN 33160) as well as the Rhuddlan borough ramparts.
An earlier view associated the Town Ditch with a Saxon burg or fortified town.
The earthworks enclose the site ofthe Friary (NPRN157155) as well as the site of the Norman borough (NPRN 303586) below the Twt Hill castle earthworks (NPRN 157156).

Source: Quinnell & Blockley 'Excavations at Rhuddlan' CBA Research Report 95 (1994), 212-3 & 219-20.

John Wiles 29.11.07