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Ynyscrug Castle;Hangman's Hill;Gibbet Hill

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Archive6073306TitleGIEC06_03 - RCAHMW Glamorgan Inventory Early CastlesLevelItemDescriptionYnyscrug Glamorgan; measured drawing and two overlays showing plan, as published in RCAHMW Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan Volume III - Part 1a Medieval Secular Monuments The Early Castles From the Norman Conquest to 1217, 1991, figure 40, page 74.MediumGraphic.Imagesn
Archive6377734TitleGIEC08_04 - RCAHMW Glamorgan Inventory Early CastlesLevelBatchDescriptionDrawing/s relating to Figure 15, 'Map: Distribution of Mottes in Glamorgan and Gower'.Medium1 file. Graphic, Cartographic.Imagesn
Archive6516141TitleHJT_1_27 - H.J. Thomas CollectionLevelBatchDescriptionYnyscrug Castle - Scaled survey drawing of plan of castle and detail of motte. Surveyed by Howard Thomas and Derrick Clayton, July 1986. The items form the basis for Fig.40 in the Glamorgan Inventory Publication 'Early Castles', Vol.III, Part 1a.Mediumtwo items. Graphic.Imagesn
Archive6345823TitleGLI05_01_11 - Glamorgan Inventory: Medieval Secular Monuments, Early CastlesLevelBatchDescriptionResearch file relating to Ynys Craig: MO 11.Medium1 file. Text, Graphic.Imagesn
Archive6346332TitleGLI05_08_46 - Glamorgan Inventory: Medieval Secular Monuments, Early CastlesLevelBatchDescriptionNotes, correspondence, and images relating to castles in Section MO (Mottes Without Masonry).Medium1 file. Text, Graphic, Cartographic.Imagesn
Archive6346079TitleGLI05_08_22 - Glamorgan Inventory: Medieval Secular Monuments, Early CastlesLevelBatchDescriptionHandwritten mss text of Section MO: Mottes Without Masonry.Medium1 file. Text.Imagesn