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Castle Cinema, Worcester Place, Swansea

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Archive6448904Title970334_3 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view showing close-up of ornate plasterworkMediumPhoto.
Archive6373027TitleEmergency Recording CollectionLevelBatchDescriptionFormer Castle Cinema, Worcester Place, Swansea; statements (including photographs), measured drawings and plans, received in the course of Emergency Recording case RCS2/1/1964 filed in nprn order.MediumGraphic, Text.
Archive6016616TitleAdditional InformationLevelItemDescriptionCastle Cinema, Swansea; historical notes and photocopy of advertising literature, supplied by Swansea County Archive Service, in the course of emergency recording case, ref no ER/GL/97/27.MediumText.
Archive6448901TitleNMR Site FilesLevelBatchDescriptionPhoto survey of Castle Cinema, Swansea produced by Iain Wright, 1997.MediumPhoto.
Archive6448903Title970334_1 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view.MediumPhoto.
Archive6232214TitleNMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionCadw list description for Castle Cinema, Worcester Place, Swansea, dated 1987.MediumText.
Archive6016615TitleNMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionCastle Cinema, Swansea; six colour photographs showing exterior of building, received in the course of Emergency Recording case, ref no ER/GL/97/27.MediumPhoto.
Archive6448902Title970334_2 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view.MediumPhoto.
Archive6344396TitleA7464_9 - D.O.E. Photographic CollectionLevelItemDescriptionD.O.E photograph of Swansea Castle and Castle Cinema.MediumPhoto.