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Ynys-meudwy-ganol Bridge, Swansea Canal:ynysmeudwy Canal Bridge;bryn Bridge, Swansea Canal

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Archive6185554TitleDS2006_230 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelBatchDescriptionRCAHMW digital photographic survey of Ynys-Meudwy-Ganol Bridge, by Iain Wright, 20/11/2006.MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6390273TitleDI2013_0153 - Clive Reed Swansea Canal CollectionLevelItemDescriptionDigital copy of colour photo print of Swansea Canal Society boat 'David 'Papa' Thomas passing under Ynys-Meudwy-Ganol Bridge, with written on reverse '24 December 1995 Swansea Canal.'MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6499744TitleNMR Site FilesLevelBatchDescriptionYnys-Meudwy-Ganol Bridge, Swansea Canal; photo survey comprising two black and white photographs taken by RCAHMW, circa 1976. Film reference 1976/63.MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6390285TitleDI2013_0162 - Clive Reed Swansea Canal CollectionLevelItemDescriptionDigital copy of B. & W. Photo print labelled on front with 'Aldwyn James' & 'Maintenance barge at Ynysmeudwy Ganol Bridge 1925'.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6499745Title1976_63_11 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionBlack/white print - detail of bridge, Ynys-Meudwy-Ganol bridge, Swansea Canal.MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6499764Title770743 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionClose-up of outlet paddle gearing, Ynys-Medwy-Ganol bridge, Swansea Canal.MediumImagesn
Archive6499746Title1976_63_10 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionBlack/white print - view of bridge, Ynys-Meudwy-Ganol bridge, Swansea Canal.MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6499759Title770741 - NMR Site FilesLevelBatchDescriptionPhoto survey, three black/white prints, Ynys-Meudwy-Ganol bridge, Swansea Canal.MediumPhoto.Imagesn
Archive6499762Title770741 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionView of bridge from the bank, Ynys-Medwy-Ganol bridge, Swansea Canal.MediumImagesn
Archive6311119TitleDS2006_230_002 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionTow-path view of bridge from east northeast.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6401515TitlePWC_01_31 - Peter Wakelin CollectionLevelItemDescriptionPamphlet realting to Ynysmeudwy Basin on the Swansea Canal produced by the Swansea Canal Society.MediumCartographic, Graphic, Text.Imagesn
Archive6508327TitleDGT_10_9 - Tucker CollectionLevelBatchDescriptionColour slides showing views of Treforest Tinplate Works, Porthceri Viaduct, Swansea Canal sites including Ynys-Cedwyn Colliery branch, Ynys-Meudwy Ganol overbridge, Pontardawe Aqueduct, site of Pheasant Bush Works, canal at Trebannws and Aberdyberthi Bridge, Swansea. Images taken in 1981.Medium1 sheet. Photo.Imagesn
Archive6311118TitleDS2006_230_001 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionHigh viewpoint of bridge from west northwest.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6499763Title770742 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionView of bridge, north-western elevation, Ynys-Medwy-Ganol bridge, Swansea Canal.MediumImagesn
Archive6355213TitleAP_2007_0621 - RCAHMW Colour Oblique Digital Aerial PhotographsLevelItemDescriptionRCAHMW colour oblique aerial photograph of Ynys-Meudwy-Ganol Bridge, Swansea Canal, north-east of Pontardawe. Taken on 21 March 2007 by Toby DriverMediumPhoto.Imagesy