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Map ReferenceSJ03NW
Grid ReferenceSJ0460538248
Unitary (Local) AuthorityDenbighshire
Old CountyMerioneth
PeriodPost Medieval
Melin y Glyn was built in 2 phases, probably both in the nineteenth century; a lintel in the later building is said to be dated 1854. The first phase was a two-storey block, built of random stone under a roof now covered in corrugated asbestos, orientated west-south-west to east-north-east, and half-hipped at the west-south-west end. Water was led in a stone-lined leat to a wheel, now removed, at the west-south-west gable. The second phase of building was attached to the north-north-west elevation, extending over the tailrace, with its pitched roof aligned with the half-hip on the earlier building. The mill has been disused since 1929. There were formerly three or four pairs of stones, but only one millstone remained in 1983; in 2009 two stones could be seen resting against the garden wall of the nearby mill house (SJ 0459538276).

Information form Cadw Listed Buildings database.
W J Crompton, RCAHMW, 16 April 2014.