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Unnamed Wreck, East Aberthaw

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Archive6451815TitleDS2016_058 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelBatchDescriptionInvestigators' Photographs of GGAT and NAS Fieldschool at Leys Beach Wreck, East AberthawMedium12 images. Photo.
Archive6451818TitleDS2016_058_003 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionWreck looking northeast along the alignment of the keel from stern to bow (?)MediumPhoto.
Archive6451819TitleDS2016_058_004 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionDisassociated timber lying to the south east containing rebated slot for plank ends (stern or stem post?)MediumPhoto.
Archive6451817TitleDS2016_058_002 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionWreck looking southwest along alignment of keel from bow to stern (?)MediumPhoto.
Archive6451821TitleDS2016_058_006 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionView of small trial trench opened to discover the extent of buried hull structure - disasociated timber in background being drawn by planning frameMediumPhoto.
Archive6451823TitleDS2016_058_008 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionSite viewed from southeast with anchor cable in foregroundMediumPhoto.
Archive6451827TitleDS2016_058_012 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionView into the base of the trial trench showing floors and beginning of cant framing towards the bow (?)MediumPhoto.
Archive6451822TitleDS2016_058_007 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionSite viewed from southeast towards Aberthaw power station with length of anchor cable in foregroundMediumPhoto.
Archive6451816TitleDS2016_058_001 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionDetail of linkages of section of anchor cable lying to the southeast of the wreckMediumPhoto.
Archive6451826TitleDS2016_058_011 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionCant frames (?) towards the stern on the portsideMediumPhoto.
Archive6451820TitleDS2016_058_005 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionDisassociated timber viewed from aboveMediumPhoto.
Archive6451824TitleDS2016_058_009 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionCoil of abandoned stud-link anchor cable looking eastwardsMediumPhoto.
Archive6451825TitleDS2016_058_010 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLevelItemDescriptionSection of lower hull structure on portside retaining outer and inner ceiling plankingMediumPhoto.