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Parc y Capel, Sub-Rectangular Enclosure and Platforms, Ramsey Island

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Map ReferenceSM72SW
Grid ReferenceSM7043024250
Unitary (Local) AuthorityPembrokeshire
Old CountyPembrokeshire
CommunitySt Davids and the Cathedral Close
PeriodPost Medieval
1.The earthwork remains of a sub-rectangular banked enclosure and platforms (NPRN: 422312; 422314; 422317) are visible on aerial photographs and 0.25m lidar at Parc y Capel. The west side approximately 78m in length exists in its entirety with a slight break towards the north that may represent an entrance. The south-west corner of the enclosure widens to a width of approximately 5m where it turns eastwards to form part of the northern bank of the larger pond to the south (NPRN: 308812). Located in the north-west corner is one of the platforms (NPRN: 422314) which is likely to be contemporary with the enclosure. The north side of the enclosure appears to terminate at the modern NE/SW aligned field boundary. Approximately 10m to the east of said modern boundary is platform NPRN: 422317 situated on the east-facing coastal slope. To the south straddling the east-west aligned pond channel (NPRN: 308812) is the third sub-rectangular platform NPRN: 422316.

It is possible that these features were originally part of a contemporary Medieval or Post-Medieval complex, perhaps focussed upon the ponds to the south.

All features have been digitally mapped and updated as part of the CHERISH Project.

Record created as part of the CHERISH Project.
D. Hunt 07/11/2017

? Crown: CHERISH PROJECT 2017. Produced with EU funds through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020.