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Carn Ysgybor, Possible Pillow Mound Ditches, Ramsey Island

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Map ReferenceSM72SW
Grid ReferenceSM7000024830
Unitary (Local) AuthorityPembrokeshire
Old CountyPembrokeshire
CommunitySt Davids and the Cathedral Close
Type Of SiteDITCH
PeriodPost Medieval
1. The earthwork remains of six V-Shaped cut features are visible on 0.25cm lidar on the northern slope of Carn Ysgubor. The features appear to enclose small areas, all with the openings located down-slope. It is plausible to suggest that these features were possibly created to keep the enclosed areas dry from water run-off coming down the slopes. It is possible that they may be a type of pillow mound. The two features located on the northeast slope are similar in size and of a regular V-shape, both openings measuring approximately 12m in width. The remaining four are located on the northwest slope and are of varying size and shape. Widths of openings vary between approximately 2m and 16m.

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D.Hunt 08/01/2018

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