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Carn Ysgubor, Sub-Rectangular Hollow and Platforms West of, Ramsey Island

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Map ReferenceSM72SW
Grid ReferenceSM7003024940
Unitary (Local) AuthorityPembrokeshire
Old CountyPembrokeshire
CommunitySt Davids and the Cathedral Close
1. Earthwork remains of two terraced platforms and a sub-rectangular hollow of possible medieval date are visible on 0.25m lidar at the foot of the north facing slope of Carn Ysgubor. The southern platform measures approximately 50m x 20m has an area of approximately 0.14 hectares. Upon it are the earthworks of both a possible rectangular building platform (NPRN: 422477) and a small plot of fragmented ridge and furrow.

Immediately to the north are the remains of the larger second sub-rectangular terraced platform which measures approximately 90m x 40m and is approximately 0.38 hectares in area. Upon this platform are the remains of a sub-rectangular hollow which measures approximately 22m x 19m. It is bound on the southern side by the terrace bank of the southern platform, with the remaining three sides bound by a shallow bank. Truncating this feature is a broad WNW/ESE aligned ditch which projects approximately 73m westwards from the current field boundary to the east.

All of the aforementioned features are truncated by NE/SW aligned ridge and furrow (NPRN: 422540) likely post-medieval in date.

A field visit was undertaken by L. Barker, T. Driver and D. Hunt on 10/10/17 as part of the CHERISH Project. Upon visiting the features were extremely hard to view on the ground due to both the shallowness of the feature and the overlying vegetation.

The features have been digitally mapped and updated from 0.25m Lidar as part of the CHERISH Project.

Record created as part of the CHERISH Project.
D.Hunt 01/02/2018