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Trawscoed Roman Fort, Crosswood;Trawsgoed Roman Fort

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Map ReferenceSN67SE
Grid ReferenceSN6707072748
Unitary (Local) AuthorityCeredigion
Old CountyCardiganshire
Type Of SiteFORT
1. The Trawscoed or Trawsgoed Roman fort is an auxillary fort overlooking the point where the Roman road between Llanio and Pen-llwyn crosses the River Ystwyth. First identified from the air in 1959 as a series of parchmarks, subsequent excavation and ground and geophysical survey have done much to develop our understanding of the nature and extent of the site.

First built in the late 70s AD there appears to have been a period of abandonment towards the end of the century, followed by re-occupation and final abandonment between 125 and 130 AD. It covers an area of approximately 2.0ha enclosed by a ditch and rampart with rounded corners and a gateway in each side. The fort interior was filled with rows of barracks which may have housed up to 800 infantry or a smaller number of cavalry. The headquarters building, commander's house and granaries, were set out along the central range. There are indications of extramural settlement and other anciliary features on all sides of the fort. Both the fort and its suburbs were rebuilt at least once. Up to around 2,000 people may have lived in the settlement.

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3. Royal Commission aerial reconnaissance on 19th July 2018, during the 2018 drought, recorded some of the clearest aerial photographs of the buried fort yet seen. See : TOBY G. DRIVER, BARRY C. BURNHAM and JEFFREY L. DAVIES, 2020. Roman Wales: Aerial Discoveries and New Observations from the Drought of 2018
application/pdfDATP - Dyfed Archaeological Trust Projects ArchiveDigital copy of final report relating to Pen Llwyn Roman Fort Archaeological Survey. DAT Project Record Number 62956.