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Llanio Roman Settlement - Bremia

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Map ReferenceSN65NW
Grid ReferenceSN6438356440
Unitary (Local) AuthorityCeredigion
Old CountyCardiganshire
CommunityLlanddewi Brefi
Type Of SiteFORT
This is the site of an extensive Roman military settlement centred on a fort (NPRN 303530), occupied in the later first-earlier second century AD. It is known from air photo reconnaissance, limited excavation and partial geophysical survey. Few traces remain on the ground, but a slight hollow marks the position of the headquarters building courtyard.

The main extramural settlement area (NPRN 275655) was set around a street connecting the fort's west gate to a north-south highway (NPRN 302935). The street was effectively blocked by the reduced fortlet ramparts. The ruins of a bathhouse were excavated south of the fort and remain exposed (NPRN 303529). A possible Roman camp (NPRN 309265) lies about 500m to the north-west.

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John Wiles, RCAHMW, 26 February 2008