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Carmarthen Roman Town (moridunum)

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Map ReferenceSN42SW
Grid ReferenceSN4165020330
Unitary (Local) AuthorityCarmarthenshire
Old CountyCarmarthenshire
Type Of SiteTOWN

1. Cropmark at SN415204 is Cadw SAM No.=CM234 (see also Nprn 92890).

2. Roman town of MORIDVNVM: thought to be the civitas capital of the DEMETAE: known from early finds (RCAHM 1917), along with investigation of a probable bathhouse (Jones 1911); town identified & explored in a series of excavations, 1968-9 (Jones 1969; 1970); 1976 & 1978 (James 1978; 2003, 169-181); 1980-84 & 1987 (James 2003, 47-168), & 1986 (James 2003, 197-203) a fort/military settlement (Nprn92890) was succeeded by civil settlement, with a street grid laid out in the first part of the 2nd C. AD; a defensive circuit was established c.200 AD, with later stone walls, the enclosure, c.400m NE-SW by 375m, being shaddowed in the current street plan: occupation continued into the 4th C. AD, featuring hypocausted masonry buildings, possibly with mosaic floors: an amphitheatre has been explored & is partly laid out for public display to the NE of the town (Nprn303957): burials are known, c.2.2km WSW of the walled town (Purdue & Evans 2001) & close to the amphitheatre (Crane 2001).

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J.Wiles 18.08.04
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