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Ogofau Goldmines, Pre-19Th Century Workings

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Map ReferenceSN64SE
Grid ReferenceSN6638040250
Unitary (Local) AuthorityCarmarthenshire
Old CountyCarmarthenshire
CommunityCynwyl Gaeo

Many elements of the Dolaucothi/Ogofau gold mining complex (Nprn95142) have been identified as representing Roman, or possibly earlier activity, although the direct evidence for this is limited: a large number of water supply features have been recorded, including at least three aqueduct, or leat systems (Nprn303910; 303911; 402259), as well as apparently isolated spring-fed reservoirs (Nprn303913), a linear feature to the south, at Brynhyfryd (Nprn402343), may also be associated; several drainage, or effluent channels are known leading away from the main mining area towards the Cothi (see Nprn402574): both the 'Carreg Pumsaint' (Nprn303909) & the adjacent 'motte' (Nprn402248) have been identified as features associated with mineral processing: this extraction & processing complex is part of an extensive Roman settlement & mining complex (Nprn402260).

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For further references to constituent & associated records.

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