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East Gate, Caernarvon Town Walls

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Archive6387815TitleAA51_1428 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view from Eastgate Street.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6387810TitleNMR Site FilesLevelBatchDescriptionBlack and white photo survey of East Gate, Caernarfon taken by G.B. Mason, 1950.MediumFive images. Photo.Imagesn
Archive6351729TitleCPF_L_03_09 - Caernarvonshire Parish FilesLevelSub-groupDescriptionPlans and drawings, black and white photographs, images, a postcard, and correspondence relating to Caernarvon Town Walls, Llanbeblig.Medium1 file. Graphic, Photo.Imagesn
Archive6486262TitleEmergency Recording CollectionLevelSub-groupDescriptionEast Gate (Porth Mawr) Caernarfon; architectural drawings received in the course of Emergency Recording case ref no RCS2/2/39, filed in nprn order.MediumOne file. Photo, Graphic, Text.Imagesn
Archive6387817TitleAA51_1430 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view showing arch underwater.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6387816TitleAA51_1429 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view from the north.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6387818TitleAA51_1431 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view from south-east.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6387819TitleAA51_1432 - NMR Site FilesLevelItemDescriptionExterior view from south-east.MediumPhoto.Imagesy
Archive6348634TitleCNJ05_04 - C.N. Johns CollectionLevelBatchDescriptionFile of correspondence, between C. N. Johns and A. J. Taylor, relating to sites in Caernarvon: majoratively Caernarvon Castle. The file also contains mss texts.Medium1 file. Text.Imagesn
Archive6375373TitleCAI02_015 - Caernarvonshire Inventories ArchiveLevelBatchDescriptionBlack and white photographs relating to sites in Llanbeblig (Vol. 2): exterior and interior views (often in multiple copies).Medium1 file. Photo.Imagesn