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NPRNTitleType Of SiteCollectionsImages
NPRN421576TitleGelligaer Common (E), Medieval SettlementType Of SiteDESERTED RURAL SETTLEMENTCollections5Images0
NPRN15322TitleGelligaer Common, House Platform (Fox 7)Type Of SiteBUILDING PLATFORMCollections20Images1
NPRN15321TitleGelligaer Common, House Platforms (Fox 8)Type Of SiteSETTLEMENTCollections12Images3
NPRN15320TitleGelligaer Common, House Platforms (Fox 6)Type Of SiteSETTLEMENTCollections15Images2
NPRN305961TitleGelligaer Common, Possible House Platform (Fox10)Type Of SiteQUARRYCollections6Images0
NPRN15323TitleGelligaer Common, House Platform (Fox 9)Type Of SiteBUILDING PLATFORMCollections8Images0