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Cau Ailosod

Archaeological Reports/Evaluations (non Trust)

Manylion Archif

Rhif Catalog C432042

Cwmpas a chynnwys Collection of reports and associated photographs, produced by archaeological contracting firms and individuals not covered by the Welsh Archaeological Trust or other major archaeological contractors' collections. Reports include evaluations, watching briefs and excavation work.

Casgliad Archaeological Reports/Evaluations (non Trust)

Cyfrwng testun;ffotograff;graffig;cartograffig

Dyddiad 1988

Cyfeirnod AENT

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Manylion o ran Hierarchaeth yr Archif

C432042 Archaeological Reports/Evaluations (non Trust) - Lefel Casgliad
    There are 127 groups currently catalogued in this collection
    There are 1681 items currently catalogued in this collection